Aerohive Free Wireless Access Point Webinar - June 2015

Posted on: 28th May 2015

Vcentral Aerohive
Experience first-hand the full feature set of an Aerohive Access Point. Attend this webinar on Thursday 11 June 2015 at 11:00 CEST and Aerohive will send you an 802.11ac Access Point free of charge*.

Vcentral, in conjunction with Aerohive Networks, are holding a webinar on June 11th specifically for IT professionals looking to learn, implement or expand wireless networks in their organisation

How easy is it to deploy, monitor and support networking devices and services such as wireless access points and guest management, potentially across multiple sites? With cloud based networking, pretty easy.

Cloud based networking gives organisations the means to increase IT efficiency and reduce costs, join this webinar to find out how cloud managed Wi-Fi and other services can benefit your organization.

Join this webinar to learn:

  How to lower the budgetary point of entry and reduce ongoing costs
  How to improve SLA’s in a world where a loss of network connectivity is unacceptable today
  How to rapidly enable services for mobile users and devices



* Free (802.11ac) Access Point offer:
Qualified attendees will receive a Free Access Point as per the qualification criteria available on the registration page.

Webinar: How to manage your network infrastructure from a plane?

Date:   Thursday 11 June 2015
Time:   11:00 CEST


If you are unable to attend the webinar and would like to find out more information, then please contact us on 0800 288 8681 or email